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Old Boys Outdoor Summer Soccer Program

The Fredericton City Old Boys Soccer Club, a.k.a. the “Old Boys”, will be running the MSL (Masters Soccer League) and CSL (Classic Soccer League) this year.

The Old Boys' saw an expansion into 2 divisions, MSL-DIV1 and CSL-DIV2.


  • Will carry on as the MSL in previous years
  • The competitive level of the league will remain intact
  • Open to 35+ members
  • 6 teams
  • 22 player roster for 11 per side
  • Games will be continue to be played on Sunday and Wednesday nights
  • Played on full turf fields
  • Duration of the league season will remain the same (April to October)
  • New Players must demonstrate skill level by participating in a tryout
  • Each team will have a sponsor
  • Fees are $210.00 for the season
  • Statistics will be maintained
  • Trophies and Awards will be awarded to teams and individuals
  • CSL-DIV2

  • An organized but less competitive league
  • Open to 35+ members (to eventually be a 45+ division)
  • Crossover from DIV1 allowed for 45+ members only (to encourage a 45+ division)
  • Open to 35+ players that do not get drafted to DIV1
  • 4 teams
  • 20 player roster for 11 per side (depending on numbers this could be reduced to 12 or 15 team roster for 7 or 9 per side in the first year
  • Played on turf fields (depending on field availablity)
  • Games to be scheduled on different nights than DIV1 (depending on field availablity)
  • Shortened season (May to September)
  • Players are required to possess basic athletic skills and participate in a tryout
  • Players who indicate they want to be considered for division two would be excluded from the draft for division one
  • The aim is to aquire sponsors for each team in the division
  • Fees $100.00 for the season (depending on player and field availabilty)
  • Statistics will be maintained
  • Trophies and Awards will be awarded to teams and individuals

    See our MSL-DIV1 and CSL-DIV2 pages for more detains, rosters, schedules and stats.

    If you have not registered and would like to participate, please contact Albert at president@oldboys.ca.

    Have a fun and save summer.

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