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CSL-DIV2 2017 Team Rosters

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Team Manager
Paul Saad
Team Manager
Michel Pitre
Team Manager
Albert Webster
Team Manager
Dave Jewett
Beykzadeh, Ali Browne, Steven Chen, Evan Baldwin, Rochelle
Chilibeck, John Despres, Yves Cunningham, Michael Charbachi, Antoine
Deng, Kevin Grant, Derrick Duivenvoordern, Carl Clarke, Dave
Hayes-MacDonald, Neil Grant, Shannon Kamara, Abrahim Gorham, Bruce
Kabene, Nanu Holmes, William Kilbride, Kevin Hart, Reon
Lopez, Oscar Jennings, Kevin MacKenzie, Mark Itoaga, Bogdan
MacIntosh, Scott Lefebvre, Claude Mills, Paul Kulasegarem, Guna
Mathers, Kyle MacDonald, Jim Park, Young Lavrentiev, Ivan
McHardie, Daniel MacPherson, Brad Roy, Alan Reyes, Adrian
Mousa Sheikh, Raad Malone, Jason Sahib, Ahmad Rodriguez, Carlos
Murphy, Stephen Richard, Kevin Seo, Greg Rojas, Marco
Paz, Oscar Rutter, Tristan Smal, Don Shiek, Hasan
Rath, Ted Schwarz, Felix Steeves, Chris Sklyar, Sergey
Timmerman, Gerry Thomas, Neil Steffe, Wolfgang Yano, Wendy
Van Wart, Gerry Tarrel, John Zelazny, Vincent

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