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Fredericton City Old Boys' Soccer Club
Sponsored By
Picaroons Traditional Ales, Fredericton KIA, Assante Wealth Management,
CVI Investments, Windsor Court Retirement Residence and Fredericton Inn

The Fredericton City Old Boys Soccer Club, a.k.a. “Old Boys”, is a club made up of members that are 35+.

Members must be 35 years of age by January 1st of the current year to participate in the MSL.

In 2004, the Old Boys' created a Master's league for club members which started with two teams. As our membership continued to increase, we found it necessary to expand our league, first to four teams then to six teams. We renamed our league to "Masters Soccer League" (MSL) in 2013. 2016 saw yet another expansion. The number of new players expressing interest to join our organization was increasing each year and turning away more than they could accept. In keeping with the Old Boys' goal "...to provide a venue for players 35 years of age and older to play soccer and to socialize," the Old Boys' found it necessary to create 2 divisions within the MSL, DIV1 and DIV2. In 2017, DIV1 and DIV2 were renamed. DIV1 retained the MSL name while DIV2 was renamed to CSL.

CSL-DIV2 is organized in the summer months from late May/early June to late September. This is a less competitive recreational league. The number of teams in CSL-DIV2 is determined by the number of players interested.

We operate the CSL-DIV2 by creating four new teams each year through a draft process from our club membership.

The purpose of this draft is twofold:
(1) to create balanced teams as we have a wide range of skills and soccer knowledge among our membership
(2) to give Club members an opportunity to meet and get to know each other.

Managers for each team are selected by the executive in the early spring from a list of volunteers from within the Club.

Team size is determined by the number of players signing up to play. Each CSL-DIV2 team generally drafts a minimum of 15 players for a total of 60 players drafted. We continue to recruit new members each year. Potential club members must meet the age requirement. We hold two and possibly three drafts, if required, between June and July. The 1st Draft is held around mid-May to form teams for CSL-DIV2. The 2nd Draft is held around the end of June to top up teams and the 3rd Draft is held around the end of July (if needed) again to top up teams. Not all new players may be selected to play as we do have a cap on the number of players per team. Returning club members take priority over new players in the drafts.

We hold tryouts for all new Players. This gives Team Managers a chance to see each new potential club member and access their skill level for upcoming drafts.

The Old Boys' participate in a number of tournaments throughout the summer. Most notably are the Bridgewater Tournament and the Michael Dunn Cup (Masters Provincial Tournament).

The Old Boys' are sponsored by several key Fredericton businesses with others looking to add their support of the club as we continue to grow. Current sponsors include: Picaroons Traditional Ales, Fredericton KIA, Assante Wealth Management, CVI Investments, Windsor Court Retirement Residence and the Fredericton Inn.

If you would like to become a club member, and you meet the age requirement, please contact our club President. Visit our "Contacts" page to forward your email request.



- Open to 35+ members (Overlap players from MSL-DIV1 must be 45+)
- An organized but less competitive league
- Gentleman's League - No rough play
- No referees - call your own foul
- Team Managers are the officials and will settle disputes (their decision is final)
- Team Managers can award cards when required
- One Team Manager for each game will be selected to be the time keeper for the game (when they call the game - it is final - no arguments)
- Absolutely No slide tackles
- Goalie protection rule - This rule will be defined more in the Old Boys Bylaws so for now no agressive challendge on the keepers


- A 19-game season from May 23rd to September 26th
- All games played at the Scotia Bank North Turf field (Please see schedule for exceptions)
- Games played on Tuesday nights from 9:00PM to 11:00PM (Please see schedule for exceptions)
- Games are 2 X 45 minute halves with a 15-minute half time
- A 15-minute grace period on game start (for a team waiting for players)
- A team forfeits the game if they do not have the min player requirement at the end of the grace period
- 4 Team League
- 8 players per side (1 keeper + 7 players)
- A 6 players minimum is required to start the game


- $100 per player or $50 for MSL-DIV1 cross over players
- Please bring your fees on the first night of play (May 23rd)
- Fees are required to be paid by July 1st or player will not be allowed to play until fee is paid
- Please pay by cheque (made out to Fredericton Old Boys' Soccer)


- Players are required to show up at 8:30 on May 23rd
- Players are required to show up at least 15 min before the game start time to get ready
- Please review posted schedule regularly as game times and venue may change
- Games are played as scheduled - regardless of weather conditions (Exception: we will not play during lighting in which game will be called by the Team Managers)
- Please track field availability, on the city site, for field closure due to weather necessary for Barker Field only - turf fields do not close due to rain)

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