Old Boys' Soccer Club 2006

"City of Fredericton" Provincial Team

Old Boys' Soccer Club 2006 Prov Team
(Back Row L - R) Michael Samuels, Wolfgang Steffe, Mark Comeau, Luc Picard , Pat Lee, Gerry VanWart

(Middle Row L - R)Peter Corbyn, Bruce Gorham, Joe Abekah, Jingdong Tang, Serge Godin, Stuart Justason, Donath Mrawira

(Front Row L - R) Jason Leger, Mario DaSilva, Albert Webster, Mick Noftall, Jean-Marc Ouellette, Jose Molina

(Missing From Photo) Martin Boulerice, Michel Pitre, Chris Steeves, Damir Sehic

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Fredericton City Old Boys' Soccer Club