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Providing complete wealth management solutions to meet the needs and goals of Canadian families and businesses. 'The Power to Surprise' - Call Gaven Brown at 1-888-579-2279 for a test drive today. Our signature lines of Irish Red, Best Bitter, and Simeon Jones River Valley Amber Ale are seasonally accented by Dooryard Organic Wheat Beer and Winter Warmer Strong Ale. Cedar Valley Investments Ltd. - Owned and opertated by Louie Youssef - Fredericton, NB Phone: 506-459-1199 Windsor Court Retirement Residence is a vital residence offering comfortable accommodations and quality health care with a full range of activities and services. Assistance and companionship are never more than a few feet away, yet privacy and independence are always respected. The Fredericton Inn is a full service hotel and convention center with 200 modern guest rooms featuring Standard, Deluxe and Executive rooms. Join us for a breath of Maritime hospitality !!

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Fredericton City Old Boys' Soccer Club
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CVI Investments, Windsor Court Retirement Residence, and Fredericton Inn


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Windsor Court Royals

Team Manager
Mike Murphy
Team Manager
Paul Saad
Team Manager
Alan Roy
Team Manager
Ian Crook
Team Manager
Wolfgang Steffe
Team Manager
Jeff Hewitson
Casey, Tom Al-Digeil, Muhammad Akinfolarin, Kaf Bennett, Simon Asner, Samuel Barnes, Jeff
Chilibeck, John Badiu, Catalin Bessery, Paul Brown, Gavin Carballini, Juan Bucknall, Andrew
Cotton, Shawn Cormier, Jacques Charbachi, Antoine Bucknall, Nick Danielescu, Serban Cann, Darren
Drost, David Corrigan, Greg Curry, Alan Cheng, Tie Gunn, Cameron Comeau, Mark
Duivenvoorden, Carl Filipovic, Stipo Grant, Shannon Flemming, Paul Houda, Abderrahim Hackett, Jason
Gillis, Jason Halaoui, Mathurin Hickey, Roy Gatta, Koro Hrkalovic, Bosko Hogarth, Andrew
Hashey, Andy Heelis, Pierre Jennings, Mike Gweon, Youngdae Itoafa, Bogdan Kinney, Fred
Holland, Bernie Luiker, Eric Legere, Brent Hache, Claude La Rosa, Luis Lally, John
Johnson, Neng MacVicar, Ryan Lepir, Dragan Hardy, Martin Meesters, Rein Maitland, Craig
Kennedy, Mark Mallais, Tammy Morimanno, Robert Johnstone, Scott Morales, Otto Martel, Jean-Francois
Kennedy, Scott Malone, Jason Moyen, Yannick McCoy, Scott Neves, Frank O'Connor, Mike
LeBlanc, Ben McGinn, Brendan Neily, Steve Meihuizen, Mark Ogon, Marcel Parker, Shaun
McKillop, Darcy Penney, Sean Noftall, Mick Molina, Jose Petukhov, Yaroslav Pitre, Marc
Perez, Juan Pourrezo, Mohammad Poole, Craig Patterson, Rick Sedji, Andre Ryan, Denis
Potten, Greg Rowinski, Jan Richardson, Carl Richards, Kevin Sheinfeld, Yevgeny Shirley, George
Quigley, Nina Rutten, Jan Rutter, Tristan Rogers, Shawn Stevens, Brian Smith, Galen
Rayworth, Dave Schmidt, Kurt Seo, Greg Van Wart, Gerry Stone, Jonathan Tree, Jim
Steeves, Chris Tang, Jingdong Smith, Jeremy Vautour, Shawn Tomsons, Valdis Veysey, Matthew
Thompson, Ian Turner, Paul Stevens, Jim Vellanueva, Fernando Weber, Tony Wright, Blair
Youssef, Louie Thomas, Neil Whitenect, Matt Weekes, Gary

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